I was inspired by the Parabola Calculator version 2.0 to write my own parabola calculator, not in VB (It sucks to start VMWare / Wine / etc. just to run the calculator) ;-)  It doesn't have all the functionality as the Parabola Calculator v2.0 but it is a good start.  It is web based, simple JavaScript.  You can  use it here. (No guarantees on its accuracy)


Download it here v0.0.6 (MD5: BAF6D687DAC19E6E6F75B8C07CAB29E4)

I've created a simple Java command-line application that will download a file using multiple threads, like a download accelerator. I use it on my Raspberry PI NAS. The current version does not resume downloads.

I've created a very basic Wily Werewolf wallpaper that can be used for both Desktop as well as Login screen wallpaper. Refer to UbuntuHandbook's article on how to change the login / lock screen. Enjoy:

Wily Werewolf Wallpaper
Wily Werewolf Wallpaper

(Right click and download image)

Source: The wallpaper consist of two images, the background is from OMG! Ubuntu! and the Wily Werewolf is from Ubuntu Artwork